Monday, January 24, 2005

Picture from upcoming "Mattress" TV Show

Thanks, Greg, for the link to this picture.

I'm putting the link, rather than just the picture itself, because it's a huge size.

Greg's comments:
"Wayne [director of 42 st. Moon's "Mattress."] sent this link to a fun picture from the movie of MATTRESS.  What’s particularly interesting is that, at least per this picture, Carol Burnett is the star of the piece!  Tracy Ullman’s placement in the pic is clearly subordinate to Burnett.  Also, Edward Hibbert as the Wizard looks just like Maria Montez in Cobra Woman -- although Wayne thought he was more Agnes Morehead as Endora.  On closer inspection, I’m now thinking Dolores Gray in Kismet. Lavish costumes!"


Lavish is right. Burnett looks fabulously imperious. I just hope it's not the botox making her face look so cold and impassive. Seriously, is that a 71-year-old face? Meanwhile the Wizard is the one who needs a little work done if you ask me. Ullman looks rather dainty and pretty to be Winnifred...sorry dahlings, earth tones alone do not a Winnifred make. And the Minstrel must be someone from a boy band, right?

OK, claws back in. Meow.

You'll find me in the corner with my saucer of milk.

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