Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Off to a Blog Conference

I'll be leaving extremely early in the morning (try 6:30am...yuk) to go to napa for a two-day conference on blogging for business.

If my experience is like the last couple of these I've gone to people will be all agog that I'm actually writing blogs for theatre companies. When they say blogging for business they tend to mean placing ads on their blogs or maybe working for a high-tech company that lets you blog about work.

I may just be, however, the only blogger there without a computer. I just have never gotten around to buying a laptop. They are going to be just as agog to see me taking notes on (gasp!) paper, with a pen.

How shall I survive for 2 days sans computer? It's going to be like serious withdrawal. No email. No IM. No blogging!

I will miss all of that. Don't miss me too much :)

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