Sunday, January 02, 2005

Harvey as Tevye? I'll bite.

So, have you heard that Harvey Fierstein, late of "Hairspray", is taking over for Alfred Molina as Tevye in the Broadway production of "Fiddler on the Roof"?

One of my NY friends has trouble seeing it.

I think I could be convinced.

First of all, while Harvey may be most famous for "Hairspray" and more comedic roles in film, let's not forget he has always been a dramatic actor. If you've seen "Torch Song" or "Safe Sex" you know he can pull off the pathos.

So, the main stumbling block may be imagining his raspy, New Yorkese, Harvey voice attempting Tevye. But again, if you forget about "Hairspray" and Jon Lovitz impersonating Harvey, the actual voice is likely something he can modulate down while dialing back the accent, to achieve an appropriate vocal sound.

Anyway, the NY Times has an interview with him this morning [reg.reqd.], and first of all the picture of harvey in Tevye mode is pretty convincing. And second of all, his connection to the material sounds heartfelt.

If I were to make a trip to NYC this Spring, I think this might be on my list!

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