Monday, January 10, 2005

Drama on Idina Menzel's Final Weekend in "Wicked"

There's a local theatre legend in the Bay Area: back when AMTSJ (then SJCLO) performed Yeston's "Phantom", and the Christine had a trapdoor incident during a student matinee. Her leg was gashed, and all the little students were treated to the kind of "unique" theatre experience no one wants to have. (Although, by all accounts everyone thought the blood-curdling screams were part of the show at first, this being "Phantom" and all.)

Luckily there was a chorus girl who had, no lie, learned the entire role and was able to go on for Christine with only about 24 hours preparation. (This was back before they were quite as thorough about having understudies.)

Well, trap doors are apparently a problem in even the most professional, modern theatres in the world.

Idina Menzel, Tony-winning star of "Wicked", fell down a trap door shaft in what was supposed to be her penultimate performance as Elphaba, breaking a rib!

Many people had paid hundreds of dollars to see her final performance the next day, so she made the effort to come onstage in the last minutes of the performance, sing a bit and take a curtain call with her castmates.

It's quite a story.

Shorter recap of story that doesn't require subscription.

Hi my name is Nicole and I am a HUGE fan of you. I loved Wicked so much and i listened to it often. I wish I could somehow meet you. Good luck in Rent! How does it feel to be a star? I really hope you see this message.
<3 - Nicole
so hot
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