Thursday, January 06, 2005

AMT SJ Announces 2005-2006 Season

I know this may be Down South for some SF Moon fans who never leave the confines of the City, but I am a South Bay gal, and an AMTSJ subscriber.

Actually, I have a love/hate relationship with that subscription. I've had it for probably a decade, and our seats are in row 8, but at this point I keep it mostly because it's a regular social engagement with a couple of very good friends that we wouldn't see so often otherwise.

I know it's conventional wisdom to say they went all downhill when they started bringing in tours, but actually I did think the quality went up, plus I got to see some new faces. They were getting in quite a rut over there.

They've announced their new season here. And while it may be an exciting season for some, there is, unfortunately, only one out of the six shows that I haven't seen.

At this point I've seen Lion King on Broadway and the tour last year in SF. Maybe I'll stay for that incomparable Opening Number then go have a nice dinner!

And I saw "Hairspray" in NY in 2003. Of course, I didn't quite get that magical feeling from it that so many people did, so maybe seeing it again will open my eyes to what I clearly missed.

I also saw Bernadette Peters in an unforgettable performance in "Gypsy" (which is not usually one of my favorite shows.) I honestly said after that performance, "I never need to see "Gypsy" again."

So much for that vow, huh?

So, that leaves "Wizard of Oz" (yawn), "On the Record", some manufactured musical REVUE (corrected, thanks to Greg) of Disney songs which could be cute but will hardly change my life, and a show which I've seen many times, but in fact never mind seeing again, "West Side Story."

Of the entire sextet of shows, this latter one, a classic from 45 years ago is the only one I'm a teensy bit excited about.

AmI just getting curmudgeonly now that I've hit 40?

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