Wednesday, December 15, 2004

What do Lea & the "Mattress" crowd do after a show? Not go to Disneyland!

So a little bird has this story to tell me about a night on the town after Sunday's matinee:

"Lea loves it here and has been out and about the city. So Sunday night, after the matinee, and then Indian food in the Mission, we ended up at Martuni's (would never have gone EXCEPT that I had the feeling she might just sing).  Well, the keyboard player was a solid jazz man, playing a Mose Allison tune and Lea, from across the room, started scatting.  One thing led to another and she ended up doing a couple songs.  One of which was "A Train."  It was fantastic. I only knew her from the theatre stuff.  This was a blend of Sophie/Ella.  The real deal.  Very excellent.  The place was suddenly full, people snapping photos (AT MARTUNI'S!!!).  She even did some original material (mocking a non-jazz, Show Tune singer types - well deserved!)"

Doesn't it sound like a scene from a glamorous 1940s musical movie? Sigh. I missed it. 

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