Friday, December 10, 2004

SCOOP! Blog exclusive: Next scheduled show is changing!

Got this message from Greg today, and you, my fine blog readers, are definitely the first to learn this news. This is one of the three characteristics of blogs I love to talk up: Immediacy! (The other two are interactivity and informality, if you're curious.)

So, back to Greg:

"Okay - no TENDERLOIN.  For various reasons, we have decided to switch the next show (opening end of March) to MINNIE’S BOYS — 1970 on Broadway, about the early days of the Marx Brothers, their days in vaudeville, and how they developed their distinctive personalities (as "Groucho," "Harpo," etc).  ("Minnie," the star part, is their very pushy but loving mother.)  Groucho collaborated on the development of this musical, which originally starred Shelley Winters (That was their first mistake — although she’s actually lots of fun on the cd).  GREAT SCORE!!!! By Larry Grossman and Hal Hackady (who also wrote "Goodtime Charley" and "Snoopy" - when we did "Goodtime Charley," Hal Hackady came out to see it and spent several days with us.)  Some people may know Harpo’s song, "Mama, a Rainbow" and "Where Was I When They Passed Out Luck?" is also popular on cabaret circuits.

Stephanie and I are REALLY excited about this - we were facing some real casting difficulties with TENDERLOIN, but when we thought of MINNIE’S BOYS (we’ve danced around it before - but an audience member, Ray Workman, suggested it to us recently, and it put it back at the forefront of our thoughts.  We have had so many talented young men work with us this year, that it seemed like the perfect thing, so we checked the rights - and found out today we got them.  Really, we’re thrilled.  I think our audiences are going to have a great time with this show.  As for TENDERLOIN, it’s still in our future - we’re not abandoning it.  It just turned out that this was not the right time to do it.  But we don’t feel like it’s a “bait and switch”...we’re replacing one extremely lost but wonderful musical with ANOTHER extremely lost but wonderful musical.  And although MINNIE’S BOYS was written in 1970, the score very much has the flavor of the 20s and 30s.

There you have it. You heard it here first!

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