Sunday, December 12, 2004

My Review of "Once Upon a Mattress"

Is up at my Personal Blog right here.

Why don't I post it directly here? Thanks for asking I'll tell you the same thing I said after "Can-Can" and "Hooray For What!":

1. Some people really hate reading reviews because they inevitably contain spoilers. They reveal plot points, or at the very least, they predispose you to be on the lookout for things, either good or bad. Some people really want to know as little as possible before seeing something. My SO, for example, doesn't even like to watch the 'scenes from next week's show' that follow nearly every series you watch on TV.

2. Some actors don't like to read reviews while they are in a show. I do not understand the will power of such actors myself. Curiosity has killed this cat many a time, but there it is. In deference to the actors who do come check out the blog, but don't want to see anything written about themselves, the review is posted a mere click away.

So, if you do not fall into either category, have fun:

My "Mattress" Review

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