Thursday, December 30, 2004

Jogging Memories

For a certain generation 42nd St. Moon brings back memories. With just about every show we do, someone writes to us to tell a story about seeing the show.

Actually during "Hooray for What!" someone wrote to say that their mother had been one of the chorus girls in both that show, and in our season closer, "The Boys from Syracuse.". The gentleman had even scanned and sent photos of the original program, including pictures of his mom.

Now, with the addition of "Minnie's Boys" to the schedule, we got the following email:

"Minnie's Boys was the first Broadway show I ever saw! I have the original cast album, the CD, an original poster and a program autographed by all the leads including Shelly Winters and Louis J. Stadlen. If you'd like to display these materials at your performances, let me know... I'm a subscriber, so I can't wait to see you do this show...point of interest: the song "Empty" is on the cast album, but was actually cut from the show....


So, now you know that when you see vintage materials in our lobby, it sometimes comes from our audience members!

I was in the original Broadway show "Minnie's Boys" (Elaine Manzel) and must correct this blog. The song "Empty" sung by the character "Frenchie"-- Arnie Freeman, stayed in the show, and is on the album. There were many different versions of the show (which is why we were in previews for so long) but "Empty" stayed in.
Thank you for commenting and clarifying this point Elaine. I'm sure Greg, our Artistic Director, will be thrilled to read this little tidbit from an original cast member.
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