Friday, December 03, 2004

HEADS UP: Info on Blog Readers' Discount for "Mattress"

So, "Mattress" ticket sales are brisk, brisk, brisk.

We want to make sure blog readers have a shot at discounted tickets, but its going to be handled a little differently than the last two shows.

We're going to set aside one day for blog readers to call and get discounted tickets. You'll be able to order them for most performances (as per usual Sunday matinees will likely be excluded.) But it's only going to be one day. And it's only going to be for blog readers.

That's it. One shot to see Lea and the rest of the "Mattress" crew on the cheap.

The day will likely be early next week, and I will post the final details as soon as they have them.

Want to make sure you don't forget to check back and get the details? If you click on the link in the right hand side bar that says "Sign Up for Blog Updates", you'll get a weekly (Monday) email from me updating you on blog posts from the previous week, including the post to come about the discount details.

Stay tuned.

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