Saturday, December 25, 2004

Happy Holidays from 42nd St. Moon

"Mattress" has a night off tonight, and I'm about to log off the computer and start a present-wrapping marathon. I have to say the only downside to my secular,mixed-religion upbringing is the fact that I have many more days of holiday "stuff" I have to do!

42nd St. Moon has somehow developed fans around the world, and I'd like to leave you with a holiday greeting we received from one very enthusiastic Italian fan. His passion for classic American music matches our own and reminds us why we love bringing this music to our San Francisco audiences.

First his initial message to us:

"Dear 42 st. Moon,
I am italian, and I am, i think, one of the most italian lover about '30 american music. I have pratically all I can find about composers like Jerome Kern, Irving Berlin, George Gershwin, Cole Porter & Rodgers & Hart music. The last month i've bought some american cd that i can't find in Italy, and, among them, also your "Something for the boys".

When i read the booklet i was very surprised...for me was unbielevable that you made all the musical that i know only for the name, but that i've never listened to the music, 'cause they don't exist lp or cd about them. But i am very sorry that, if i've known well, there isn't any cd about them. Obviously it's impossible to me to go to San Francisco to watch there no way to have this music in some format? Why don't you make the cd about them? For me it's terrificly sad that you make a very, very good operation to resuscitate these musical and these great songwriters, but tomorrow there is no trace about your work, and, naturally, that i still continue to want to know these songs, but there is no way to know them.

Best regards and a sincere compliment however,
C.B., Italy

Then his holiday message after receiving his copy of our "First Rose of Summer" CD:

"I've received your cd, and i listened to's GREAT! I only knew two song of it, all the other are new for me, it's very exciting for me to buy a cd about my favorite composer with all unknown song; i think, about 20's and 30's american music, there are a lot of songs missing and unknown without a reason. It's the same thing for the people: a bit of luck can change the destiny of their life.

There's no logical reason that bring some song to become famous and other to miss, only luck, so i think it's very interesting to rediscover some hidden gems, and this is the reason why I admire your work and i hope you can continue ever more. I only hope you can start to make cd about the unknown musical you produce.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year and be sure, if i come back to the USA, my first tour will be to San Francisco to my friends.
C.B., Italy

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