Sunday, November 21, 2004

More from the Audience Talk-Back

I mentioned before that I happened to attend "Hooray For What!" on a day when they had a 'Talk-Back' session post-performance.

So what do you learn during one of these sessions?

1. Well, I learned that Kim Larsen, in the Ed Wynn role of Chuckles, blew the last line of the show in a way that the FCC might not approve of. The line is supposed to be about getting "gold on your chest for getting lead in your pants." And Kim slipped up and said "lead in your ass". The funny thing is that I didn't even notice. The show is a little naughty in parts, a little racy, and since at this point since you can say "ass" on TV with nary a raised eyebrow, it didn't even make me sit up and take notice.

2. I learned that Greg MacKellan actually got to meet Yip Harburg once years ago, and that he reminded him a bit of a leprechaun, like the leading character in Harburg's own "Finian's Rainbow."

3. I learned that Ed Wynn did an act with 6 dogs towards the end of the show, although we'll never know exactly how they explained what the dogs were doing in the bomb shelter setting where the act took place. And despite Greg's fond desire to replicate animal acts, I learned that all the dogs he knows are Equity, and he simply couldn't afford all the extra contracts!

4. I also learned that our some-time contributor to this blog, Michael, and "Can-Can"'s Claudine/"Hooray"'s choreographer, Alex, are an item. A little human interest story to go with our musical dramaturgy.

You just never know what info you'll pick up. 42nd St. Moon does these 'Talk-Backs' after every first Sunday matinee in a show's run. You can even request your subscription to be for all Discussion Sundays.

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