Sunday, November 07, 2004

Lite Blogging Was Due to Blogging Conference

Sorry I wasn't around the last couple of days. I was attending BloggerCon III, a gathering of bloggers, people who build tools for bloggers and people who watch the blogging phenomenon, held at Standford.

Just like at the other couple of Blog industry events I have attended, most bloggers are truly intrigued by the idea of what we've got going on here at 42nd St. Moon's blog. While many trumpet blogs as the perfect customer communication tool...and write blog entries saying every CEO should blog...they seem pretty bemused by the reality of it.

The history of blog is very personal and independent, so the concept of a "company" blogging seems pretty counter-intuitive to many. They wonder what you can write about that doesn't seem inauthentic.

But I think if they read this blog they would see that there is valuable content that can be communicated to customers by any company. Blogging gives you the advantage of having that content easily accessible (to people who are online, granted), easily kept current (rather than getting a brochure twice a year) and a little more informal and personal than the aforementioned brochures.

It's a win-win situation. You come here and get to learn fun, inside stuff about 42nd St. Moon, and in learning more, we , of course, hope you're motivated to come see what we're talking about in person.

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