Monday, November 29, 2004

The "Hooray" Cast on Doing "Old" Works

One last moment from the "Hooray For What!" Audience Talk-Back that I've been meaning to share:

Two cast members piped up that they were surprised at both the "mature" content and stinging, relevant satire in "Hooray For What!"

David Curley noted that given how unknown a piece like "Hooray" is to actors today, it felt no different than participating in the new works development he had done at AMTSJ and TheatreWorks.

And Brian Yates Sharber noted with amused surprise that people back in the 30s had sex, just like we do today!

Greg, of course, was able to turn these observations into an opportunity to educate us and pointed out that most of us have an impression of the 30s from the movies only. But, movies had a production code they had to meet and were highly censored. Meanwhile, the stage did not operate under such restrictions and could more accurately reflect the present day.

That never even occurred to me.

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