Monday, November 15, 2004

Hello? I can HEAR you!!

OK, I just have to tell this little anecdote before posting my "Hooray For What! review.

So I get to the theatre yesterday, find my seat and sit down. Immediately these two ladies behind me start talking about how now the whole stage is blocked, oh, they can only see the end of the piano etc. etc.

Bear in mind I am less than 5' 2"! They should be so glad my S.O. bailed and didn't come with me...he's 5' 11"!

Anyway, they go on for a far longer than normal amount of time on this (in my humble opinion.) I sat there wondering exactly when I was going to turn around and say, "you know, I'm sitting right here...I can hear you!"

Luckily for them, the lights went down. But if you're out there reading this blog...please remember...being in a different row is not like being in a different county.

As if I wasn't already a normal woman with normal body image I'm worried I have a big, fat head!

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