Friday, November 12, 2004

First "Review" of 'Hooray For What!'

Granted, this might be a an "inside" job, but here's the scoop from 42nd. St. Moon admin, Annette, who saw the first preview last night:

"I just saw tonight's preview of "Hooray For What!." Greg MacKellan has once again assembled an awesome cast (and a more ethnically diverse one, I might add, which is great!) He has made magic with this Yip Harburg/Harold Arlen musical. I
think you'll love it. I've only worked for 42nd Street Moon since February of this year and it still amazes me how quickly the show comes together in just three weeks of rehearsals.

The intrigue! The romance! The songs! - all great reasons to go see "Hooray". Sat next to some lovely visitors from Hawaii, who loved the show and even held hands during the reprise of "I've Gone Romantic on You," which I found especially touching.

Spread the word... :-)

Will do, Annette.

Of course, I think the real test will be when I take my S.O. to see the matinee this Sunday...let's just say he's not a matinee lover. Night owl all the way. So if he comes out of there smiling, not grumbling, it will be the true test!

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