Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Delights of EBAY

Greg saw my post on IBDB's listing for the original production of "Hooray For What!" and emailed me immediately to tell me:

"I saw that you mentioned the IBDB listing for HOORAY FOR WHAT! on the Blog. Interesting, I just acquired - via eBay, of course! - the original Playbill for HOORAY from 1937. A surprise was that when I opened it, the original ticket stub fell out - whoever it was saw the show two weeks after it opened in December, 1937, sat in the orchestra for a Saturday matinee...and paid $2.50 for their seat!"

Gotta love eBay. What's surprising to me is that the seller either didn't know the ticket stub was in there, or didn't realize it would increase the value of the Playbill significantly.

Greg's the lucky buyer on that one!

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