Sunday, November 07, 2004

Bye-bye "Hooray" Specialty Acts

So I mentioned in an earlier post that the 1937 program from "Hooray for What!" mentioned several intriguing "specialty acts."

Well, hope I didn't whet your appetite too much. Here's what Greg had to say about those acts:

"You also mentioned specialty acts - needless to say, we're cutting that material. The most famous/notorious was a dog act which came out and did a long, complicated routine with Ed Wynn - completely unnecessary and unrelated to the plot. As much as I would have loved to have given my two dogs, Max and Ginger, roles in the show, the dog act has been dumped. There was also, per the program, a "Hero Ballet" that Paul Haakon did, although there is nothing in the script to indicate where it came in the show, how it was cued, or what the ballet was about... So it's gone, too."

Bummer. I would love to see Greg out there with his dogs too! (And don't his dogs have great names? I figure Ginger has to be named for Ginger Rogers, but I'll have to ask him who Max is named for.)

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