Sunday, November 28, 2004

"Another Closing, Another Show"

OK, I'm bastardizing Cole Porter's lyrics just a little bit.

Today we say farewell to "Hooray For What!", and in ten days we say hello to "Once Upon a Mattress."

Very different shows indeed.

"Hooray" may have featured a far more famous composer, but "Mattress" is clearly the more famous show.

"Hooray"s wild farce spoofed matters most serious. "Mattress" is just a little bit less au courant.

I did "Mattress" when I was a teenager, and remember the whole show very fondly. I still think the song "Normandy" is one of the most beautiful numbers ever. And it sounds just as beautiful in French. (Don't ask me why, but I translated the whole thing back when I did the show.)

Although it did have a fairly recent Broadway revival, with Sarah Jessica Parker, it really isn't done too often. I think the defunct Peninsula Music Theatre did it almost a decade ago, and I'm really not remembering other productions.

So a lot of you may not have gotten a chance to see it. This is the perfect opportunity. it's a great show for a holiday season, full of romance, physical comedy, and general good times.

For those of you who are waiting for discount info on "Mattress", it will be the same basic idea as "Hooray": $12 seats for some of the performances, and $20 seats for most of the rest of the performances.

Hopefully all discounts will be up and running starting tomorrow or the next day.

Don't you worry, I'll keep you posted.

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