Wednesday, October 13, 2004

With Can-Can running, what's next?

42nd St. Moon certainly has a packed schedule this fall, with three shows in the three months between 10/6 and the end of the year. With "Can-Can" up and successfully running, thoughts turn to the next show, "Hooray for What!"

This qualifies as a truly "lost" musical and features a Harold Arlen score, lyrics by E.Y. Harburg and a book by Harburg, Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse (actress Lindsay Crouses's dad...see how that works?) The original production was directed by Vincente Minelli and starred Ed Wynn.

This is another example of a show that's surprisingly relevant, although decades old. Just like the stirring "Live and Let Live" message of "Can-Can", "Hooray for What!" has its own contemporary plot theme: war and the corruption that often comes along for the ride. When I see that the show is a send-up of such things as "jingoism" and "war profiteering", I think I can be forgiven for wondering if it was written over the last year!

But to abide by FEC rules, we aren't opening it until after the election!

Previews start on 11/10 with the gala opening on 11/13 and a closing date of 11/28.

We're working out what blogger discount will be available, and we're trying to have an offer that's good for any performance, not just a handful of them.

And speaking of blogger discounts: you can still get your $12 tickets for the 10/16/04 1Pm performance of Can-Can...just use the link in the right hand side bar to get your $12 tickets.

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