Friday, October 15, 2004

Speaking of the whole "Lost" Musical thing...

I recently spoke to both Greg and Lauren recently about the concept of doing "Lost" Musicals. It seemed to me that the message had really shifted to "Classic" musicals, more than "Lost."

Greg said the mission of the theatre has never really changed. But did you know there is a Producer in England who runs an occasional theatre series "Discover the Lost Musicals"? When 42nd St. Moon started to get noticed, this guy noticed too and got a teensy bit touchy about our using the word "Lost"! What a diva :)

Anyway, since I just mentioned how lost "Hooray for What" really has been, I asked Lauren abut the 42nd St. Moon audience. I figured that maybe, given the theatre's charter, the more lost the musical, the better the ticket sales. I imagined some large, rabid following of Lost Musical fanatics, sort of like Trekkies, but singing show tunes.

And I guess that was naive of me!

Now that the theatre has been around for 10 years (!) and has moved to this bigger space at the Eureka, 42nd St. Moon has the same issues to consider when choosing shows as any other theatre company. And according to Lauren, that means that at least one show per season, preferably around the holidays, should be a bigger and more well-known show. And that helps to subsidize the really "lost" ones.

Greg also mentioned the move to the Eureka as a factor because its location draws in more of a tourist crowd than the New Conservatory Theatre location did. Hmmm...the Embarcadero vs. the think?

Anyway, this season's "big" show is "Once Upon a Mattress" starring comic and Broadway star Lea DeLaria. As Greg said, "Lea wanted to do it and was willing to commit to it." And it certainly meet's Lauren's criteria for a little bit bigger and a little bit more well known than a lot of the usual 42nd St. Moon fare.

BUt, you've got to admit it's a really nice mix this Fall:

"Can-Can": the show every musical person has heard of, but likely never seen.

"Hooray For What": a lost gem.

And "Once Upon a Mattress: a big show starring a big star.

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