Friday, October 01, 2004

Meet our Guest Star: Ann Morrison

I'm excited to see Ann Morrison as Pistache in 'Can-Can'. Morrison has the honor of having originated a leading role in a Stephen Sondheim Broadway musical, something most of us, I'm sure, would give our eye teeth for. She was the original Mary in "Merrily We Roll Along", one of the Sondheim shows that was perhaps not adequately appreciated in its time, but has gone on to have a healthy life. That's Sondheim...always ahead of his time.

So, Ann was gracious enough to share a little bit of her life story with our blog readers:

Well, yes it is true that I have spent the last 14 years living in Sarasota, Florida so my blood has thinned. Believe it or not, 60 degree weather is cold for a blood thinner. (TEE HEE!) Not complaining. I love sweaters. I just may not have brought enough, so Goodwill here I come.

So far my stay in San Fran has been pleasant, though I haven't been sightseeing much. I have a few writing projects to get accomplished, one being a book about my experience working and creating a musical theatre workshop and road show for persons with developmental disabilities (Down Syndrome, cerebal palsy, mental retardation brain injuries etc.) I had left the teaching and artistic directing part of it to explore outside of Florida, but realize I miss this population too much.. Hey San Fran, are you interested in a program here?

The rehearsals for Can-Can are great fun andI I love this cast. I look forward to running it in the Eureka theatre and spending my evenings with them all.

One of the cool things is we have a hands-on healer in the company. I came here with a bad stomach and at times I think the acid I have is going to burn a hole in me and attack civilization as we know it. This dear heart male after a simple request for "a laying of hands", heated up his hands and began a simple but powerful touch process, that sure did calm my system and
triggered some emotional release. I have been a care giver for so many for so long my body wanted a break from worry and high speed rescuing. Looks like the rescuer needed some rescue. Thank you Bill.

I love the theatre. You meet such great people in it, all exploring such wonderful places.

Great people indeed. So cool to have Annie with us, both on stage and off!

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