Sunday, October 17, 2004

Meet a 42nd St. Moon Newbie Coming In

As "Hooray for What" starts rehearsals I thought I'd introduce you to a 42nd St. Moon newbie, who just happens to be my friend and web designer: David Curley. He's playing the romantic lead in "Hooray For What."

David is one of those rare guys who hasn't been doing theatre all his life. But once he got into it...he was unstoppable. You can check out his web site and see the long list of shows he's been in...and packed into an incredibly short period of time.

But this is his first San Francisco gig. So he's pretty excited about it.

David is like almost every other artist out there...balancing between pursuing their art and making a living. When I lived in NYC, the only stage actors who actually earned their living only from acting were those in a Broadway show. Union scale for even the most prestigious Off Broadway theatres wasn't enough to live on, definitely not in Manhattan...probably not even in Queens (which I always called "single actress heaven".)

So David has been a busy, working actor in theatre and voice-overs (and even a TechTV commercial...a channel that my S.O. watches religiously!) I first saw David in "Bat Boy" at TheatreWorks. Unlike many others, the show sort of left me cold in general. I admired the performances, but didn't get what made the piece itself so popular. But if it had had more numbers like David's turn as Pan in a truly absurd and inspired woodland number...I might have felt differently!

David is also a crack web designer for the small business person and artist like,! Check out the great work he did for me over at my Worker Bees site.

And he does visual describing for theatre performances. That's like when they have signers for the deaf, but instead the visually impaired wear a headset, so they can listen to a disembodied voice describe the action. That would be a disembodied David.

Anyway, David is a doll, so I decided to give him a blog plug. Hi David! :)

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