Saturday, October 09, 2004

Good Blogger, Have a Biscuit

So, I saw the final Preview of 'Can-Can' last night, and not only was it a good show that I will enjoy writing my own little mini review of, but there were plenty of not-so-obvious, but fairly funny bloopers...enough to keep me blogging for a while.

Now, what I usually do is post my show reviews in my Personal Blog and provide a link .

Why? Well, really two reasons: 1. Some folks don't like reading reviews before seeing a show...they don't want to hear any spoilers. And 2. I know the actors read this blog too, and some actors don't like to read any reviews during the run of a show either. (I was never this way...I couldn't resist and am still somehwat skeptical of those who say they can!)

But never fear, the little snafus will be right here for all to see.

It was a blogger's dream last night. Good show. Good inside scoop. Stay tuned.

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