Thursday, October 28, 2004

For Hallowe'en: A Tad Morbid, But Fascinating Nonetheless

Greg sent me this little tidbit today, and I found it quite surprising:

"From Forbes Magazine, ranking the top 20 dead celebrities and how much their estates bring in each year (in millions)--Interesting that Irving Berlin is above Rodgers."

The Top dead earner is Elvis at $40 mill per year.

But golden era composers have surprising staying (and earning) power.

Irving Berlin comes in at #8 with $7M per year.

Richard Rodgers is at #10 with $6.5M.

Followed by #11 George & Ira Gershwin, #13 Lerner & Loewe and #14 Cole Porter at ~$6M each.

They all sit in the Top 20, accompanied by Tupac Shakur, Dale Earnhardt Sr. and Dr. Seuss. It's an interesting mix!

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