Monday, September 13, 2004

Who's who

For those of you finding your way to this blog and 42nd St. Moon for the very first time, it might be instructive to know who's who.

There are two names you should get to know on a first name basis right away.

If you want know their official bios, you can go to the 'About Us' page on their official site:

About 42nd St. Moon's Staff

But let me share a couple of off-bio things about them:

Greg MacKellan is one half of the founding artistic team. You don't get him up there performing very often, most years just for the annual benefit gala, but he has a poignant way with a ballad. Greg is also the research and rewrite king. And when you're doing shows that may have been collecting mothballs for a few decades, you need someone with not just the patience, but the vision to see how a show can be brought to life in the modern era.

Greg will also be my main co-contributor on the blog entries, pretty appropriate given he's a great writer. So, when you're getting inside scoop on what's going're getting really inside scoop!

Stephanie Rhoades is Greg's co-co-founder and artistic director. While I may have been directed by Greg, I've been on stage with Stephanie...and been dressed by her :) Stephanie has that regal leading lady quality, and the extensive closet full of period-looking clothes. In the years that 42nd St. Moon has been in existence, both of these attributes have been heavily leaned upon!

So, that's Greg and Stephanie...42nd St. Moon's co-founders and co-artistic directors. You'll be getting to know them...and the rest of the 42nd St. Moon company...a lot better as this blog gets filled up with stories only they could be telling me!

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