Thursday, September 30, 2004

A Slightly Different Approach with 'Can-Can'

Last week I talked about the short 42nd St. Moon rehearsal schedule.

So, with so little time and so much to do, how does the theatre approach it?

Well, typically, the first few days are spent solely on learning the music. Before even doing a full show read-thru (which is the first day of rehearsals at many theatres) 42nd St. Moon cast members are learning the score back to back. This usually takes two to three days. Then they'll do a read-thru, which can then include a sing-thru, so you really get a sense of the show as a whole. Only then does Greg typically move into blocking and staging rehearsals.

But actually with 'Can-Can', the schedule had to be slightly altered to accommodate the fact that it's such a dance-oriented show. In this particular case, musical staging/choreography has also gotten underway from the very first day of rehearsal.

Even though 42nd St. Moon is presenting staged concert versions of the show, there is no hard limit to how much or how little choreography can be included. In the case of 'Can-Can', the dancing is an integral part of the show, so you can look forward to more of it than you might typically see on the 42nd. St Moon stage.

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