Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Rehearsals well underway for 'Can-Can'

Rehearsals started last week for 'Can-Can', and I'd like you to just think about that schedule for a moment.

Our first preview is 10/6. Meaning that 'Can-Can' will be rehearsing for just under 3 weeks. That's, of course, nothing new for 42nd St. Moon. That's the typical schedule.

But compared to most theatres, it's a very compact schedule.

The short schedule was one of the reasons I always loved working at 42nd St. Moon myself. I'm one of those people who likes to get things up on their feet and running. Oh, I've talked to plenty of actors who like the rehearsal process. But not me. I always felt like you couldn't really be "in the moment" and finding your rhythm until everyone was off-book (all lines memorized) and really playing off one another, not trying to remember staging or lyrics or lines.

So, rehearsals have been going on for just under a week, and we start letting in the audiences in exactly 2 weeks. Which begs this most important question:

Have you bought your tickets yet?

Don't forget to get your $12 tickets if you attend any of the following four performances:
10/6 @ 8PM
10/7 @ 8PM
10/8 @ 8PM
10/16 @ 1PM

Use the $12 tickets link in the side bar of this blog to get to the order page.

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