Sunday, September 26, 2004

"Out of this World"...and out of this country, a Greg MacKellan adaption hits it big

One of the unique assets that 42nd St. Moon has is Artistic Director Greg MacKellan's wizardry in restoring, adapting, revising, doctoring, reconstructing and/or re-writing the books of the classic musicals the theatre presents.

And all summer long another theatre, The Chichester Summer Festival in SussexEngland, has been presenting one of Greg's reconstructions: his version of the script for Cole Porter's "Out of This World."

The show has been playing since April and finally closed yesterday (although they are considering moving it onward and upward, given what a big hit it was!.) You can do a quick Google search and read a bunch of different reviews, all of which praise the show, and most of which note the hilarious revised book.

Greg went to England to see the production, and we'll hear more from him about what that was like, and how the deal came about.

Meanwhile, 42nd St. Moon picks up Cole Porter where the Chichester Summer Festival left off, with Can-Can opening in about 10 days!

Don't forget to get your $12 tickets.

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