Saturday, September 25, 2004

Meet our Managing Director: Lauren Hewitt

Besides Greg and Stephanie, the 3rd leader of 42nd St. Moon is Managing Director, Lauren Hewitt.

if you're like me, you're never quite clear on what a Managing Director is vs. a General Director vs. an Executive Director vs. and Artistic Director and so on and so on.

Well, in Lauren's case, she is really responsible for two general things. The first is managing the nuts and bolts of the organization...everything operational that goes on to make it all seem effortless on stage. You know, someone's got to manage how the money comes in and where it goes out, and that's Lauren.

But her second major responsibility is managing the (and I really like this description) "programmatic and inspirational side of institutional development."

What does that mean? 42nd St. Moon is a non-profit, so a minimum of 40% of the income comes from donations, whether individual, corporate or institutional. Lauren spends a good deal of her time cultivating those relationships, and it's been harder the last few years with the economy as it's been. Corporate giving, especially, slowed down a lot.

I was talking to Lauren and used the term "relationship building"...which comes from my corporate background I suppose, but apparently, as Lauren informed me, the non-profit term for that is "cultivation", relationship cultivation.

Learn something new every day, as they say.

More on Lauren's an interesting story how she moved into the non-profit and arts-oriented world, including getting a graduate degree that I didn't even know existed! Lauren is a living example of someone who combined what they love with what they do for a living to build her own fulfilling career path. That is inspirational!

PS-If you'd like to learn more about donating to 42nd St. Moon, go here.

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