Friday, September 17, 2004

And what about 'Can-Can' in San Francisco

So, I guess now we've whet your appetite for 'Can-Can', but you might just be wondering about the show that's going to play right here, huh?

Well, seven months after seeing the fabulous Encores! production, 42nd St. Moon has started rehearsal for its own fabulous production.

We also have a high-powered Broadway lady as Pistache, the wonderful Ann Morrison from the original cast of Stephen Sondheim’s 'Merrily We Roll Along'. Annie will be playing opposite Michael Taylor (from the original SF company of 'Phantom of the Opera') and alongside Moon regulars Bill Fahrner, Alexandra Kaprielian (in Gwen Verdon’s star-making role of Claudine) Don Cima, Michael Austin, Ken Baggott and Tania Johnson ( a veteran of our 2000 Funny Face.)

Many “newcomers” to the Moon stage fill out the cast, including Nancy Dobbs Owen, Simon Trumble, Rudy Guerrero, Timothy Meyers, Tara Besso, Tom Segal, Brandy Collazo and Ryan Donovan.

Greg's pretty psyched to start the process, as he shares here:

I can’t wait to dive in and see what colors and moods our own terrific cast will bring to 'Can-Can', and see if it still feels as fresh and pertinent in San Francisco in October as it did in February in New York!

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