Monday, September 27, 2004

42nd St. Moon's take on 'Can-Can'

You've read a bit about the Encores! production of 'Can-Can', so I asked Greg if 42nd St. Moon is doing anything markedly different than that production.

There is one major difference between the two productions. 42nd St. Moon has cut a rather large ballet sequence that Encores! left in. But in its place 42nd St. Moon is including a cut song; "Her Heart Was In Her Work." Both numbers feature the character Gwen Verdon originated, Claudine.

There's an interesting back story here. Apparently Ms. Verdon, though playing a secondary role, was getting most of the attention and applause in the out-of-town try-outs. French sensation (and theoretically the star of the show) Lilo was none too pleased with the shift of the spotlight away from her.

Lilo asked the producers to cut the song, and they complied.

According to Greg it's one of Cole Porter's "naughty" numbers, quite risque...especially in its day.

The other major difference is the script. The original script didn't need any reconstructing or restoring. It's complete, alright. In fact it's so complete that Greg estimates the original production must have been over 3.5 hours long!

So he's done some major editing. And Encores! did their own major editing. So the scripts may end up being quite different.

Those are the two major differences. And I for one am excited to see a truly lost gem of a Cole Porter song, complete with his trademark "naughtiness."

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